Kuei, Kuei

Don’t be afraid ! We arrive in friends...

Thanks to be always there to appreciate my music and my culture. It is extremely pleasing and fulfilling.

For as long as I can remember, the North has been a part of me, Tshiuetin, with its light, snow, ice and wind. I belong to an age-old people that come from the cold. The Elders and Nature have left me the most beautiful legacy of all, that special light of the North and incredible vastness of the Nitassinan. I turn to the music and the Elders and they inspire these songs in me, songs that are an echo of Innu land. This is their legacy that I am sharing with you.

I hope that through my official website you will discover the artist that I am and will share my deep commitment for the innu’s spirit and culture. Family, life, nature and peace, all of these values that I hold dear and that I pass on in the lyrics of my songs.

I would be very pleased to see you at my concerts and make a makusham with you.


Florent Vollant